Where We Found Our Records

We have had Joy in our Journeys

The trips the Clarkson eight (and spouses/children/in-laws) have taken to gather family information:

1975 – Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., South and North Carolina (Mother, Aunt Fay, Christine, Joyce and Alice)

1976 – Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Washington, D.C. (Mother, Aunt Fay, Christine, Joyce, Amy, Carla and James, Alice, Debi)

1977 – Illinois and Missouri (Christine, James, Carla, and Alice)

1987 – France; Monaco; Italy; Austria, Yugoslavia, Germany and Switzerland, (David and Alice)  June, Chris and Lynette went to Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria and we met Joyce and Nelson in Ireland and all went to England, Scotland, Wales.

1991 – Ireland, Scotland, England (David, Alice, Christine, Jennifer (McDonald, Clarkson, Claypoole, Perkins)

1992 – Singapore; Thailand; Indonesia, Papua New Guinea; Australia (David and Alice.)

1993 – Israel, Sea of Galilee, Jericho, Capernaum, Garden of Gethsemane, Lazareth’s Tomb, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Athens, Greece; Kenya, Africa; the Holy Land and Egypt. (June, Dean online casino and Leslie, Christine and Gil, Alice and David)

1994 – Wisconsin, Kansas (Pratt with Aunt Seal, Nora and Cecelia) and Missouri, Kentucky (for the Clarksons and Ryans with Christine, Alice and casino online Joyce.)

1995 – New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky (for Pettit, Osborne, Clarkson, Shupe, Hoppes, Boone, Stover) with Alice, Christine, Joyce and Jolynn.

1995– New mobile casino York, Pennsylvania, Williamsburg, Virginia (for Claiborne, West, casino pa natet Spotswood, Jones, Clarkson, Shupe, Boone, Hoppes) Alice and David.

1995– Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts (Garrison, Osborne, Clarkson, Shupe) David and Alice

1996– Italy to India, via Rhodes, Israel, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia; Istanbul, Turkey (June, Christine, Dale and Pat, Alice and David, Janice and Leon, Marge and Dick)

1997 – Germany (Christine, Jennifer Turley and Amy Mackley)

1997 – France and South England and Scotland (Garrison, Cecil, Holcrofts, Perkins, Claypoole, Wingfield, McDonald) Amy and Wayne Winsor, Christine, Joyce, Alice.

1999 – Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland, and a barge in England (Aungier, Sands, Schlimp, Happes, Schupp,             Garrison); Joyce and Nelson, Christine and Walter, Alice and David after the World Congress of Families  in  Switzerland.)

2003 – Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington DC, Tennessee, (Canter, Bowling, Shupes, Stover, Pettit, Cannoy, Hoppes, Jones) with Christine, Dale and Pat, David and Alice, Joyce, Lynette and Phil, Steven, and Dean.

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