SHUPE Germany          1718                 Johannes Shoop b. 1699

FERGUSON        England?

GARRISON         France              1710                 Isaac Garrison b. 1670

JONES                 Wales                 1675                 Thomas Jones b. 1675

POOL                   England             1723                 Edward Pool Sr.

CANNOY           Germany            1750                 Hans Bernhard Kney b. 1718

HOPPES             Germany            1753                 Michael Hoppes b. 1722

STOVER Switzerland       1715                 Jacob Stover b. 1680

CLAYTON         England               1728                 William Clayton b. 1655

JONES                Wales                   1755                 William Jones b. 1700

VANDIVER        Holland              1659                 Cornelius Jansz VanDerVeer b. 1616

MCDANIEL        Scotland             1715                 John McDonald b. 1689

PETTIT               France                 1630                 Thomas Pettit b. 1630

OSBORNE         England                1642                 Jeremiah Osborne b. 1625

HARRIS            England                 1652                 Robert Harris b. 1652

S2-William Kyle Shupe:  1888. I heard that there were two Mormon preachers down on Knobfork and being interested in God and his Word, I wanted to hear what they had to say.  Elder Chipman looked familiar as an old acquaintance—his voice as well.  As we shook hands he said, “We have known each other sometime.”  And as he held my hand he looked me in the face and said, “You will be a Mormon someday.  You are of the blood of Israel.”

I learned more about religion that night from that sermon than I had ever learned before.  I studied the Mormon tracts and literature and wanted to be baptized but my father would not give me permission until I was of age 21.  I got a letter from the missionaries and was determined to go meet with them and get baptized after my 21st birthday.  I proceeded and waded through mud for three days, a distance of 70 miles, with some rain each day.  Late Saturday morning I arrived at the post office from which the letter came.

Upon inquiring for the Elders, the Postmaster said, “They were here looking for you an hour ago.”  I answered that I had not written and they had no way of knowing I was coming.  He insisted, “They told me to instruct you where you would find them.”  This he did.  I walked a mile or so from the post office when I saw a man climb upon a stump and then come running to meet me.  It was Elder Duffin. He said, “I knew you were coming.  I saw you in a dream last night.  I told the Postmaster to send you on down.”  Next morning I was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ.

S3-Martha Elizabeth Stover:  I was called Mattie and was raised by Southern parents from Georgia and later moved to Colorado where an LDS community had been started in Manassa.  I have heard it said that I could stretch money farther than anyone.  Sometimes we ate clabber (spoiled milk) with sugar sprinkled on it for dessert and my kids loved it.  You see there was no candy in our day.  We saved the letter signed by the Prophet Wilford Woodruff calling us to settle in New Mexico and start a school.  After 11 children (three dying in infancy or stillborn), we moved to Arizona to be close to the Mesa Arizona Temple.  Papa and I did the temple work for thousands of family members and I was so sad when he was run over by a drunk driver on his way to the Mesa Temple one morning.  He was almost blind.

S4-Garrison Jones Shupe:  As you can see, I have a light complexion with blue eyes and light brown hair.  I fought in the Civil War for the North and the South. I changed because I wanted the “American Flag” rather than the Confederate Flag.  There are so many stories I am waiting to tell you when you come to Heaven.  I was very interested in education and provided well for my children and for others.  Be sure you study hard. I’m watching you grow up and love you so.

S5-Lucinda Pool:  Pa and I worked hard back there in Virginia.  It’s where we raised our family of God-fearing, good children.  Many a day, winter and summer, I spent over the fireplace.  There was seldom a time when there was no fire in it.  Matches were unknown and if the fire went out, we just had to walk five miles to the neighbors place and get a “new start.”  I always had a time with combing my hair so I just wore a red scarf most of the time.  The legacy in our family is that we descended from the royalty of England.  (We found them in 2005!)

S6-Cornelius Jasper Stover:  My father was a prospector and sold one of his mines in 1880’s for $25,000 but later lost all of it trying to develop a placer mine, which didn’t materialize.  We were converted to the Mormon Church in Georgia.  Shortly after our baptism, the missionaries were ambushed and Elder Joseph Standing was killed while traveling through the woods to visit Saints in another city.  My wife wove the cloth and made the trousers that Elder Standing had on when he was killed by the mob.  I helped gather his things together and prepare his body to ship home to Utah.  My grandchildren liked to rub my long white beard.  I looked kind of like Santa Claus. I was one of the first District Presidents in the Mormon Settlement in Colorado.

S7-Palistine Palmima McDaniel:  My father told us some Mormon missionaries were going to meet at his house and would we come. Well, I said we would but I wasn’t going to “shake hands with any Mormon and let him get me under his spell or I wasn’t going to believe a word that he read from his Mormon Bible.”  But when I saw him he was such a nice young man that before I knew it I was shaking his hand and when he ask father for his Bible and read from it, I was so impressed, I was baptized.  When we moved to Colorado from Georgia I worked as a truant officer for the schools so the kids were afraid of me.  Also, I would gather little pieces of wool that would catch on the barbed wire as the sheep went by, then I would cut wool, card, spin, and knit socks to help make a living.  We had a big house so I took in boarders and cooked for them.

S8-Benjamin Shoop:  We were Germans and I was a father of 11 children.  I built a gristmill and dam and lived until I was 86 years in Virginia.  I remember my grandfather telling me about their plantation called “Hatfield” in Pennsylvania.  We were Lutherans and I told my grandson in a dream that his 6th great grandfather was Henry Shoup and was from Heidelburg Township, Pennsylvania, because we were waiting in Heaven for our Temple work to be done.  The Church of Jesus Christ had not been on the Earth when we were born.  We are so thankful for Kyle who was the Great Genealogist.

S9-Mary “Polly” Garrison:  I am a French Moravian and the tradition has been handed down that my great, great etc., parents were Protestants at the time of the Edit of Nantes when the Catholic Church called all the Protestants together in Nantes, France and there massacred thousands.  These French people were led by the Spirit of God to leave France and escape to Ireland and England for religious-freedom, which saved their lives.  Our ancestral home still stands to this day and is occupied by Garrisons in Montabaun, France.  “Isaac Garrison” was all my grandfathers’ name for four generations.  My father was a good friend of George Washington and they were together at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.  I wonder if he knew our other relative, Nathaniel Pettit, who helped gather the boats so the troops could cross the Delaware on Christmas Day 1776?

S10-Jonathan Harris Pool:  I’m an Englishman and a poor farmer from Virginia.  I am related to many famous people, maybe Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, and Governor Spottswood of Virginia.  I lived in the late 1800s and had many worries.

S11-Anna Cannoy:  I am German (called Pennsylvania Dutch) and very strict in living God’s word.  My  grandfather, Michael Hoppes came to America from Germany and settled near the Blue Mountains in Pennsylvania on Lizard Creek.  He gave his land for two churches, a school and a cemetery.  He told us the story of how our grandmother at age eight had left Switzerland with her grandmother, her older sister and her brother.  They walked along the ever-widening Nectar River for many miles into Germany.  In earlier generations, all of the family died from the Black Plague except our grandfather who was only two months old.  He survived to carry on the family name. Many years later after he became a father, he was killed when he was cutting down a tree trying to get wood to build a fire to keep our family warm. Wasn’t it wonderful they worked so hard so we could have warm homes, clothes to wear and food to eat.  They did all of this for you and me.  Do you thank them sometimes in your prayers?

S12-Jacob Stover:  My grandfather was Richard “The Winter King.”  I came to America and obtained much land by bringing many people with me.  For every person I brought I got 50 acres of land.  Some tried to say I even named some of my animals to get 50 more acres, but that is not true.  I was called the “Land Baron.”  My family started the Mennonite religion in America.  My wife was Sarah Boone (and her nephew was the famous Daniel Boone).

S13-Lydia Jones:  Oh, I’ve many ancestors from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky and Kansas and Missouri.  I know my existence goes back beyond the day I was born.  My ancestors made our country of America a place of hard work, opportunities, and freedom and I am so happy because now I know they did it just for us.  It makes me smile just to think of it! If my ancestors had not had the courage to change their lives, to move, to risk and to build, I would not be where or who I am today.  I wish someone would help find my parents – Samuel Jones and Phoebe.  They have been dead for many, many years.  We have now found them and their Temple work is done.  Would you like to help with the other baptisms for us someday?  I gave Mattie, your great grandmother, my black bonnet to wear in the wagon to catch the train in Tennessee as they went to join with the Mormon settlement in Colorado.  All I could say to my son was, “Poor Jap!  I’ll never see you again.”  And I never did.

S14-Henry McDaniel:  I remember my grandfather John McDonald telling my father that he was “an old Scotsman from the Isle of Skye, Scotland.”  He recorded in his Revolutionary War papers that he didn’t care whether you spelled his name McDaniel or McDonald; and said “just call me Mac, from the Isle of Skye.”  (The McDaniel/McDonald ancestral line is our bloodline back to Ephraim as named in our Patriarchal Blessings.)

S15-Lucy Osborne:  My cousin, Betsy Ross Claypoole from Philadelphia, was asked by George Washington to make the first flag for our country.  The stars are a symbol of the Heavens and the divine goal to which man has aspired, the red stripe from our mother country, England, the white stripes shall go down to posterity representing liberty.  It inspired our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner.  Our flag represents the vision and courage of those who discovered the land in which we live.  These pioneers were the ones who carved out a nation from the wilderness.  Our ancestors risked their lives and fortunes that we might be free.  The vast majority of our ancestor’s names do not stand out in history, but only by their courage and devotion to our Flag has our Nation remained free.  Throughout the years, Old Glory has been the symbol of “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

S-James Claypool:  I am a Quaker and came from England for freedom of religion.  We left our beautiful manor to our relative, Oliver Cromwell (Protectorate or King of England), where he and his wife’s ghosts still roam in the upstairs bedroom and out in the rose garden.  I became the agent for all of England with William Penn who was given land (now called Pennsylvania) in the new colonies of America in 1683 to settle all the recent converts of Quakerism.  We wrote many letters to each other thanking God.  My father’s tombstone reads “From Almighty God all good Blessings Flow.”  We prayed for a “restitution of all things” while on earth and now we give thanks to heaven for the young boy, Joseph Smith, who finally restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

S-Mary Bolyn:  King Henry VIII of England wanted me to marry him, but I refused.  Eventually I married William Cary and we became your grandparents.  My sister, Ann Bolyn, finally married King Henry VIII and when she couldn’t bear him a son, he had her beheaded.  We were all Catholics and the Pope would not allow divorce.  As a result, King Henry VIII wanted to start the Church of England so he could divorce any one of his five wives enabling him to sire a son who would inherit the Crown. (1520)

He served only four years, from 1824-1828.

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