Portland Trail Blazers: 40-1

There are a couple of important differences between the Portland Trail Blazers and the just-covered Raptors, and very few of these offer aid for Rip City’s greater odds.
The Blazers were lean annually, buttressing an elite starting five with next to nothing off the seat. Bringing in Chris Kaman and Steve Blake doesn’t feel as a remedy.
Of course, second-year shield C.J. McCollum should see his role increase this season, and he has the combo-guard abilities to produce an effect. Head coach Terry Stotts is apparently leaning toward him as a first man; McCollum directed all Blazers reserves in minutes per game during the preseason.
For all that, it is difficult to grasp why Portland is seen as a bigger title hazard than Toronto. The Blazers’ convention is harder, their seat remains thinner and they finished the year at only 23-19 following a red-hot start. Portland is a fantastic team, but it might not be much more than that.
It’ll be around Damian Lillard, LaMarcus Aldridge and the rest of the starters to duplicate that fifth-ranked offensive evaluation. If they can’t do that, imagine defense and also an abysmal chair may finally hit among the past year’s biggest surprises with a painful dose of reality.

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