No Pioneer Legacy

By Norma S. Clarkson and Alice C. Turley

If heritage is Nauvoo’s kin, handcarts and crickets in the grain,
Born in the covenant of grandsires in awesome chain.
Without these and Great Aunt’s faith do we bequeath but bareness, dear child?
No cousins with Brigham or tales of Winter Quarters do we hear?
No missions without purse or scrip or temples our great grandpa built.
No stories of ancestors who pioneered in Utah’s early days
Or great grandmothers whose wrinkled hands made heirloom quilts to praise;
No diaries written by olden saints who crown our family tree?
For us, dear child, Mormonism must surely begin with thee.
My Grandpa Shupe in early youth knees trained in humble prayer;
Lord led by questing, searching truth new teachings chanced to share
Not in Far West’s mud but in Virginia he heard the gospel’s call:
‘Twas in Georgia our Stover grandparents sensed the truth of it all.
They left family and scenes so dear to begin life in the West
Where other converts had settled and through hardships they were blessed.
In Colorado two young casino online folks met casino online their love for each other grew.
They were I felt that all aspects of the driving drivers ed online had online casino been sufficiently covered to the extent that I online casino was relaxed casino online and confident on the day of the test. my Shupe grandparents who knew the gospel was true.
They homesteaded in Carson, New Mexico with their online casino australia children – eight;
They worked to subdue the wilderness and brave the frontier’s fate.
There my mother grew to womanhood, beautiful, many would say
She helped in home, field and garden, she helped to pitch the hay,
A few years later Daddy came seeking adventure and some land
With our Grandma and Granddad Clarkson he joined the “Dry Farmer’s Band.”
My Dad was tall, dark and slots online handsome, he soon won my mother’s heart.
They hoped to share in the gospel and a big family to start.
It wasn’t long till a wedding date in early spring was set.
They were blessed with eight lovely children to love, guide, and direct.
A rich heritage through gentile heroes we make into a chain
Back to Mother Eve and Father Adam, since Elijah came.
So we’re still rooted in glory where the gospel first began,
We have the Book of Mormon and the Holy Priesthood’s plan
To comfort, heal, exalt and bless this heritage ere long
Let’s try to reach each waiting someone with our rich harvest song.
We will teach them of the keys restored and truths they have not heard,
Of Joseph, the Latter-day Prophet  and the gospel’s priceless word.
Love’s labors are ours to bring forth that glorious promised end
So with loved ones we’ll be forever if our service we will lend
To free them from imprisonment and help them to joyful bliss
So that everlasting happiness not one will need to miss.
These ancestors, reversed, will gain a new heritage through thee
Who led us and our forebearers to eternal unity.

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