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We use LEGACY (genealogy record manager), certified to connect to and work with
Rest assured that the One Family Tree Gedcom file that you order can be used by virtually any record manager program that you may already be using. We use the Legacy Deluxe version because it contains many features not available in the Standard version or in other programs.

Your FREE Standard version of Legacy can be downloaded by clicking HERE.

The password for installing Legacy is legacy7.

You can upgrade from the FREE Standard Legacy version to the Deluxe version for $29.95 and receive the User’s Guide for only $5.00 more.
To purchase the Deluxe upgrade go to
Select Buy Now! from the menu selections at the top of the screen.
Select Upgrades from the drop-down list. Select an upgrade package from the choices shown.

(We are not affiliated with Millennia Corp., the producers of Legacy, we just think it is a great product).

Partial List of Features Found Only in Legacy 7.5 Deluxe Edition
1. Mapping – Use Microsoft Virtual Earth to automatically pinpoint and plot important locations in ancestors’ lives from within Legacy. See 3-D, satellite and bird’s eye images of where your ancestors lived and track their “migration.”
2. Wall Charts – Show off your family tree by producing full-color wall charts – ancestor, descendant, fan, hourglass, bow tie, and even DNA charts. Use them for your next family reunion or for a deserving wall in your home.
3. SourceWriter – Cite your sources easily and correctly with the new SourceWriter. SourceWriter makes it simple for you to select the correct input screen so that you enter all the pieces needed to correctly cite any source of information in the thousands of formats that exist for them. The information you enter is correctly and precisely formatted to match the genealogy industry standards for source citations when printing footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies. Multiple citations for an event can be combined into one paragraph, thus avoiding a long string of superscripted numbers within the report body.
4. Interview Reports – Choose casino online from over 1,200 carefully pre-written interview questions and memory triggers to help you capture your family’s memories before it is too late.
5. Guided Setup Wizard – Getting started with Legacy is even easier now. The new guided setup wizard takes you by the hand and guides you through the setup process in an easy-to-understand way.
6. New Relationship Calculator – See how any two people are connected, not only through direct blood relationships but also by marriage.
A person might be the “great-grandfather of the wife of your 2nd great-grandnephew.
7. More Powerful Searching – You can now search for individuals that are missing parts of names, birth or death information, marriage information and much more.
You can also search for missing source citations as you document your family files.
8. Attach Any Document to Individuals and Marriages – Along with attaching pictures, sounds, and video to individuals, events, locations, and sources, you can now also attach any other kind of document (PDFs, Word files, etc.).
9. Enhanced Backups – Legacy can now backup your family file and multimedia files at the same time, making it easier to transfer everything to another computer.
10. Edit Records from the “Used By” Lists – All of the master lists in Legacy have an option to view the individuals who use casino bonus the items in the list.
You can now edit those individuals from the list instead of having to exit and edit.
11. Standardization Tips – New alerts will appear if something questionable has been entered in the Individual’s Information screen. This helps users keep their data standardized.
12. Privacy – enhanced privacy options ensure that only the information you want to share will be visible to others.
13. Best Fit Child Columns – The new Best Fit option in the Family View expands casino online or contracts the child list columns to fit the number of children for the current couple.

See the remaining 83 Deluxe features by going to

Installing and Using Legacy software

After installing Legacy software, the program should start in the Family view.
Select Options on the upper menu line.
Select Customize in the drop-down list.
You will see 12 tabs – work through each one to select the options you want to work with, then Save.
You will need to experiment with the selections to see what they do and decide if that is what you want the program to do.

Now you need to update Legacy to the latest version.

Go to for the free update download.
Select Download from the menu choices at the top of the screen.
In the drop-down menu select Download Update.
Find Required Email Address and enter your Email Address in the box.
Enter the Verification Code seen in the box at the bottom.
Click on Next Step.
Select Click Here to Download on the next screen.
Download installation password = legacy7.
Select Run in the box that appears at the bottom of the screen.
When the Legacy 7.5 Update screen appears, select Next.
The update will now install itself.
Select Finish.

After downloading the update, follow the steps below to complete the Legacy customization.

Right click on the icon bar below the File Edit  Add, etc,  you see across the top of the screen.
You will now see a Main Toolbar (   ) screen.
Add any Additional Toolbar Buttons you desire to the Main Toolbar
by dragging and dropping per the instructions at the bottom of the screen.
When finished, click OK.
The icons are simply shortcuts to the functions noted.

You are well-advised (as with any software program you may be using),
to make trips as needed to the Help function.
After clicking Help, select Show Help Index from the drop-down box.
On the Legacy7 Help System screen you will see Legacy Help Contents.
We recommend selecting Tutorial Lessons under the Tutorial sub-heading.

You are now well prepared to begin using Legacy.

We stand ready to assist you with any or all of the above instructions,
as well as any questions you may have.
We can be reached at:
801-521-0495 or
1-801-318-6945 (cell) or or

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