How to Work with a GEDCOM file

Sharing Genealogical Data

1.  What is a GEDCOM file?

GEDCOM is an acronym for “Genealogical Data Communications.”   It is the name for a “standard” or uniform file format that makes it possible to import and export genealogy data between genealogy programs.  A GEDCOM file always has the three-letter extension of  *.ged.    For example, TurleyFamily.ged, or OurFamily.ged.

2.  How do I open a GEDCOM file?

  • Launch your genealogy program, and open your database.
  • In the menu bar at the top of your screen click on the File drop-down menu, and select New.
  • Name your new database file.
  • Your new database will be empty.
  • Click on the File drop-down menu and select Import.
  • An Import GEDCOM File window will open asking for the location (Look in:) of the GEDCOM file you would like to import.    If, for example, the file is on a CD you inserted into  Drive X of your computer, click on the arrow near the top of the  Import GEDCOM File window, and select Drive X.
  • The names of the GEDCOM files contained on the CD will be displayed.
  • Select one of the displayed files, and click  Import.”

3.  How do I incorporate information from a GEDCOM file into my genealogy database?

Before importing a GEDCOM file, backup your Traffic driving schools in atlanta ga is an option for Colorado motorists who: Traffic schools, or defensive driving courses, can help problem drivers develop defensive driving habits, decrease their risk of being in or causing an accident, and prevent them from committing traffic violations. own database first.  To import a GEDCOM file, follow the instructions above .  When you import all or part casino spiele of a GEDCOM file into your family database, the information contained in the imported file is not automatically incorporated and casino online connected to your family online casino tree.   Your original information remains unchanged, although the new imported information can be online casino found by searching the Individual or Name List index.   You will need to connect (merge) the data from the imported file by connecting individuals in your family database with the same individuals in the imported file.

For example, find a person you know is in both your database and in the GEDCOM file you imported.  Select the name index containing the list of all individuals sorted by name, and the person will be listed twice with two different RIN numbers.    Note the two RIN numbers and use the Match/Merge feature of your genealogy program to merge the duplicate individuals.  Voila! You have expanded your family tree.

4.  How do I create a GEDCOM file to export?

  • Launch your genealogy program and open your genealogy database file.
  • In the top-left hand corner of your screen, click on the drop-down File menu.
  • Select either Export or Save as . . .
  • Change the Save As Type or Destination drop-down box to GEDCOM or .GED.
  • Select the location where you”d like to save your file
  • Enter a filename such as “Turleyfamily” (the program will automatically add the .ged extension)
  • Click Save or Export.
  • Some type of confirmation box will appear stating that your export has succeeded.
  • Click OK.
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