Duty to the World

“It is wise for us to refer to the history of our ancestors.  Those who, regardless of their ancestors, do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future in the transmission of life from their ancestors to their posterity do not perform their duty to the world. – We are true to ourselves only when we act with pride for the blood we inherit, and which we are to transmit to those who shall soon fill our places. – There is an casinovaul.info oral and philosophical respect for our ancestors online slots which elevates character and improves the heart.”  Daniel Webster

The knowledge of our past and our heritage is a very useful thing.  It can help us understand how casino online we got where we are casino online today, and who we are.  It can help make history more personal.  Whether we take pride in our heritage or not, it is still where we come from.  We should not feel excessive pride in the successes of our ancestors, nor should we feel shame at their failures.  However, at some time we may be able to gain inspiration in knowing that we are part of the chain of history and civilization.  So the names on our family history sheets actually become family.

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