You Really Can Extend Your Genealogy and Family History Back to Adam and Eve

The “One Family Tree” creates a documented core line
so you can tap into
6,000 years of genealogical information!

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Information on over 135,000 individuals entered into ONE FAMILY TREE database (which includes names, dates and places, plus millions of bytes of sources, notes, and stories) , so you don’t have to re-type 40 million keystrokes one at a time!

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The complete database can be downloaded instantly from this website or sent on a CD as a GEDCOM file (over 150 megabytes) directly to your home.   The price is the same (although the CD does include a shipping charge).  We can ship the CD anywhere in the world!

Get Access to over 40 years of research and painstaking organization.

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IMPORTANT License information. The One Family Tree GEDCOM file is protected under copyright laws.  By purchasing this file, you DO NOT have the right to distribute the file to extended family members or friends, EXCEPT under the following conditions.  Each order of the CD or the downloadable file may be backed up or installed on up to 5 separate computers.  This means that you may “share” it with up to 4 individuals, such as your sister, or uncle, your grandmother, or cousins (or all 4).  You are obligated to tell these individuals that they do not have the right to copy the file and share it with others.  Thank you very much for abiding by these restrictions.
NOTE. Because of the amazing things we have learned as we’ve researched our family history, we are compiling several historical CDs which we plan on releasing in the near future.  When you purchase a CD or a downloadable file, you will be issued a  specific order number and we will send a unique license code in your order confirmation email.   Please save this license code and confirmation email.  The license code will be valid for discounts on future upgrades or the new historical CDs.  The code may only be used once.

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About the One Family Tree Database

The database extends from 4,000 BC to 2010 AD and includes over 57, 000 families all in ONE FAMILY TREE!

The file is almost 300 megabytes in size, with not only the names, dates, and source information, but also histories and stories in 75 megabytes of notes. It connects over 135,000 individuals with over 17,000 unique surnames.  If printed, the surname index alone would fill almost 400 pages, and all the information in the database would fill more than 5,000 pages.   It includes:

Genealogy and History

It spans the history of, and ties together some of the most recognized groups, cultures, and individuals.

  • Ancient Ireland
  • the Assyrians
  • the Teutonic Tribes
  • the Crusaders
  • the Plantagenets
  • the Royalty of England and Scotland
  • the Franks beginning with Charlemagne
  • the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
  • the Holy Roman Empire
  • the Saxons
  • the Tudors
  • the Pilgrims
  • the Ancient Prophets (Adam to Abraham and the 12 Tribes of Israel)

Includes Families All Over the World

Arabia, Australia, Austria, Bavaria, Belgium, Bohemia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canaan, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Holland, the Holy Roman Empire, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Judea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Scotland, Serbia, Sicily, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,Syria,  Turkey, Ukraine, USA, and Wales.

Ancestors Affiliated with an Array of Religious Organizations

Our history is rife with the desire to seek God.  We cannot combine our individual pedigrees without touching every religious group.  Add yours to our list:

  • Church of England
  • Reformers
  • Quakers (Friends)
  • Mennonite
  • Amish
  • Non-Conformists
  • Catholics
  • Puritans
  • the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
  • Islam
  • Baptist
  • Presbyterian
  • Ana-Baptist (Rogerenes)
  • Zwingli (German Reformed)
  • Methodist
  • Episcopal
  • Knights Templar
  • Lutheran
  • the House of Israel

If you order your own digital copy of the database you will be able to add or subtract information so the entire tree becomes YOUR family!

We want to express our deep gratitude to

The Clarkson Genealogical and Historical Research Foundation

we could not have completed this without their generous support!